English driving course Gdańsk


Perform a medical examination

You can do medical examination with us. The doctor is admitted to our school on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM. You can make an appointment by calling 888 21 14 14.

Medical examination price PLN 200 (cash only)


Create a Driver Candidate Profile (PKK)

You will create a profile in the Communication Department of the City Hall (according to the place of registration or residence).


What will you need to create a PKK?

  • medical certificate (you can do it with us)
  • photo for driving license
  • application for a driving license (form available for download at the City Hall or in our office)
  • consent of a parent or legal guardian (before the age of 18, available for download at the City Hall or our office)
  • passport
  • residence card (in the case of a foreigner)

Remeber, you must reside in Poland for at least 6 months, have a permanent residence card or, in the case of students, a document saying that a person is studying in Poland for at least 6 months. In the case of working people official confirmation of registration or confirmation from the employer about having a permanent job.

Address Gdańsk City Hall:
Residents Service Team No. 4
Wilanowska 2, 80-809 Gdańsk
Phone: 58 52 44 500.
Driving license – stands: 10, 11, 12, 13

Temporary address by the end of May 2022 :

Residents Service Team No. 2

Milskiego 1, 80-809 Gdańsk

phone: 58 32 37 170.


Submit the PKK number at our company headquarters

Price: 3300 PLN or 3500 PLN on automatic gear box!

Additional information:

The driving license course takes approx. 9 weeks (depending on student availability), theory is on-line at home at any time, you get all the training materials you need.

After theory you need to pass the theoretical internal exam in our school and then we move to the practical part of the course 30-hour practice – (1h / 60 minutes) all in English!

Driving lessons are conducted in KIA RIO IV cars – exactly the same model as the one on the final

Additional lessons in English
1 hour (60 minutes) of additional driving lessons in English: 120 PLN
Package 6 hours of driving in English: 110 PLN / 1h (total 660 PLN)

Note for category B, a driving lesson in our school lasts 1,5 hours to make learning as effective as possible, which means that you must take this into account when paying. Example 1.5 x 120 pln = 180 pln.

For details, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +48 508262674

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